Actuarial Consulting

Identification, measurement, and management of risk involve complex activities. IBC’s actuaries have the consultative and analytical skills needed to clearly explain quantitative solutions to your most challenging risk management problems. Our services include:

  • Ratemaking and Product Management
  • Territorial and Classification Relativities
  • Expenses, Profit and Contingency Provisions, and Cost of Capital
  • Reinsurance Analysis
  • Risk Transfer Determinations
  • Collateral Requirement Resolution
  • Regulatory and Audit Support
  • Actuarial Feasibility Studies
  • Loss Reserving/Unpaid Claim Estimate Analysis
  • Reserve Variability and Confidence Levels
  • Discounted Reserve/Unpaid Claim Estimates
  • Loss Cost and/or Funding Projections
  • Cost Allocation Studies
  • Dividend or Assessment Analysis

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